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Every week we have a new anagram or riddle based on the contents and topics of this site. Anagrams will have hints, and will only involve words and places talked about here at Pretanic World.  Riddles involve topics on this site and beyond this site.  The only rule here is that the topics will relate to Pretanic World's contents.

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Daughter of Don, Sister of Gwydion.
A test did I fail to prove me a virgin.
Of the silver wheel, I am named.
Oft tricked by my brother, my anger inflamed.

Who am I?

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Prior Riddles and Anagrams, to test your wits against:

A Celtic God of love and youth.
Whose only love was Caer, in truth.
On the river Boyne, is his palace
As Newgrange stands for love, not for mailce.

Who am I?

Aengus/Angus Og, son of Dagda
Answered correctly first by:  Olde Grog from Wondering & Myspace

I had one eye with which to see,
which struck dead he who look'd at me.
Despite attempts to fight dest’ny,
Lugh did end my great vill’ny.

Who am I?

Answered correctly first by Laura from Brooklyn, NY

In the Boyne Valley lies a site to behold,
a passage tomb 5000 years old.
There are quite a few sites that fit these descriptions
But which at Yule morn can you see its inscriptions?

Newgrange, county Meath, Ireland
Answered correctly first by Susan Dias of North Attleboro, MA

I was made in the time Neolithic,
A henge and stone circle am I
At first 28 stones, tall and thick
Near the St. Michael’s Ley Line

What’s my name?
The Striplle Stones in Cornwall
Answered correctly first by Susan Dias of North Attleboro, MA

From Scotland and Wales can you find this mum
A goddess of moon and of grain she’d become
For her ugly son she had made a brew
but the wisdom it gave, to another it imbued.

Who is she?
Answered correctly by Queen Jax the Brilliant

wrong labors

2 words, these are things and places, english

Long Barrows
Answered correctly first by Queen Jax

Where the wild things are is where this god’s found,
Fertility and produce are for what he’s renowned.
Oft when portrayed he does sit cross legg’d
A manly god, experts have him pegged.

Who is he?

Cernunnos (aka Herne the Hunter)
Answered correctly first by Celia B from Cleveland, OH

ugh! Grandmother as legend

5 words, stone circle, english

Long Meg and her Daughters
Answered correctly first by Danu of Brooklyn NY

I am one of the oldest stone circles in Britain,
Now 38 stones, once more, it is written.
On Samhain morn’, at this sacred site
My tallest stone aligns with the sunrise so bright.

What am I?

Castlerigg Stone Circle, Cumbria, England
Answered correctly first by Queen Jax, Brooklyn, NY

To find his name without trepidation,
There is no need for computation,
King was this magician’s true vocation,
On the back of a virgin were his feet’s location

Who is he?

Math ap Mathonwy
Answered correctly first by the Wicked Witch of the West Village, NYC

Seek this passage grave in a mound of a dark grove
Behold this treasure of Wales if you find this trove.

What and where am I?

Bryn Celli Ddu, aka the mound/hill of the dark grove, Ynys Mons (Isle of Anglesey). Gwynedd, Wales

Ha! Concern call

2 words, Irish hero, name

Conall Cernach
Answered correctly first by Phyllis Garrett of Milton, Florida

Three stone circles, plus avenues,
at this place are our only clues,
to find this spot of ancient rite
much overlooked, yet grand a sight.

What is this place and where is it?

Stanton Drew, England
Answered correctly first by Susan Dias, North Attleboro
correct alternative answer of Stonehenge provided by Joanna of Poland.  It's a matter  of
interpretation but the inner horseshoe shaped ring could be considered a circle to some

September 7 Riddle - apologies but due to technical difficulties this visual riddle can no longer
be posted.

The Wicker Man based Anagram

keen man follows god

3 words, mythological creature, in English

The Salmon of Knowledge

The winners for this week are in the following order:
Merlin Rabin, NYC
Yolanda Wertz, Pittsburgh, PA
Danu, Brooklyn, NY

I etch new mark

3 words, object, English

The Wicker Man
Answered correctly first by Margaret Cameron
of Brooklyn, NY

persisted gold

2 words, mythological theme, english

triple goddess
Answered correctly first by Pandora

His grandfather was demon king,
but songs of praise the bards do sing.
He is long of arm, skilled with a spear
‘though this Lord of Light you should not fear.

Who is he?

Answered correctly first by Kali from NYC

choking carbon

person, 2 words

King Conchobar
Answered correctly first by Debbie Krause from Brooklyn, NY

Today for you I have a Game
but to win then learn my name.
A circle of stones, of brilliant pink
40 laid flat on the Lands instead of sink’d

Gamelands Stone Circle
Answered Correctly First by Sue Dias from North Attleboro, MA


grab ancient base

site, 3 words (one in English)

Cerne Abbas Giant

I am a sacred spring, whose red waters heal.
You can find me in England, ‘neath an iron seal.

What am I?

Chalice Well
Answered correctly first by Alicia Cox from Brooklyn, NY


as a barker

site, 2 words, gaelic

Skara Brae
Answered correctly first by Debbie Krause from Brooklyn, NY


I am an Inn inside a stone circle,
Complete with my own public house.
You can have both a bite and a rest here,
Or one of my many fine stouts.

What is my name and how many rooms do I have to “let”?

The Red Lion Inn in Avebury Henge.  After posting the riddle, I discovered that some sites indicate the
Inn has 3 room and some say 4.  As a result, the first person who guessed each of these numbers is
the winner this week.
Susan Dias from North Attleboro, MA and Stephanie from NYC


a haunt and a dent
it's a group, 3 words, gaelic

Tuatha de Danann


The Stone of Destiny once guarded its door
Now the Samhain sunrise floods its chambers once more
New visitors come quite voluntary
Unlike its namesakes who were neither willing nor free.

What is this place called and where is it?

The Mound of Hostages at Tara (Ireland)
answered correctly first by Susan Dias from North Attleboro MA

healing sage

character, 3 words to some/1 word to others

answered correctly by Cu Chulainn from NYC


Do not confuse me with a young scout
nor with a chocolate delight.
For although I am small, please have no doubt
When ignored I’ll bring trouble and blight.

What am I?

answered correctly first by Kperri from NYC

tax while conquest

concept, 3 words, english

Lost Wax Technique
answered correctly first by Pandora


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn’d, could easily be my tag line.
Cu Chulainn brought on my wrath early on, by not seeing me as divine.

Who am I?

The Morrigan
answered correctly first by Kali from Staten Island, NY


on amused gasps

these are things and places, 2 words, English

passage mounds
answered correctly first by Merlin of the Lake


Whether over bog or over land,
I lead you from the route you planned.
As a light I cross your route,
Ne’er to catch in your pursuit.

What am I? (N.B. any one of my 4 possible names is acceptable)

Puck/Will O'the Wisp/Water Sheerie/Jacky Lantern
answered correctly first by Matron, Global Citizen


I am each man

this is a location, 2 words, gaelic

Emain Macha
answered correctly first by Debbie Krause, Brooklyn, NY


Look for me in ancient Connacht, for many secrets have I.
I hold the bones of a great queen of yore, this cairn which stretches quite high.

What/where am I? Whose bones do I contain?

Queen Maeve's bones, Misgaun Maeve Cairn (tomb) at Knocknarea in Ireland
answered correctly first by Matron, Global Citizen


this is a thing, 2 words

stone circle
answered correctly first by Matron, Global Citizen

Every Midsummer Day, just at sunrise, its ancient rites are renewed.
A ghostly white figure, with his red-eared hound, at that time can be viewed.
Of this Neolithic grave, you have been warned, of this you cannot deny.
This barrow’s quite long and near the Silbury Hill. Have you figured out yet what am I?

West Kennet Long Barrow
answered correctly by Matron, Global Citizen


There once was a god from Great Britain
With whom many a bard was smitten.
Even after he was dead,
You couldn’t quiet his head
So the tales of this giant were written.

Who is this God?


Bran the Blessed or Bendigeid Fran   
answered correctly by Susan Dias, MA


urge by heaven

This is a place name, 2 words


Avebury Henge