Copyrights, etc.
The graphics, banners, etc., were either given copyright permission, found in public
domain on the web or created by us. If you have a copyrighted image on this site for
which I have not received permission, and you send us proof of your copyright, we will
credit you, link to you or remove your graphic, which ever you choose.

When contacting me regarding copyrighted material you feel belongs to you, please make
sure you include a valid email address, along with the page name, indication of the image
and a subject line of "copyright".

If you want to use any of the images in my site, just send me an e-mail with "copyright
request" in the subject line and details about your request.  If the image is mine, I'll let you
use it in exchange for a link (depending what your site is about - hate groups, etc. just
don't bother asking) and if it's not mine, I'll detail who to contact for permission as best as I

In any of these above mentioned situations, the e-mail to use is lsk at .