I keep coming across wonderful articles about current archaeological discoveries.  So
this page is to house them if they are not appropriate on other pages.
Bronze Age Boating - a 3000 year old Scottish boat was uncovered in the River Tay (Perthshire,
Scotland) and is started to be rescued in the summer of 2006.  The boat was carved of a single oak tree
and is about 30 feet long.  It was originally discovered in 2000. Most likely this vessel was used for fishing
and hunting wild birds, although it could also have been used for transporting people and goods.
Ness of Brodgar - in the summer of 2006 in Orkney, Scotland, a chamber tomb was discovered which is the
"missing link" between the 2 different types of Cairns found in Orkney.  It is a large oval structure divided into
radial chambers.  The archaeological evidence, points to both a domestic and ritual use. The dating is
estimated at Early Bronze Age. For more details, go to:
On the left you can see the
North Eastern part of the
structure.  To the right is a
close up of the incised
decoration found on the
largest of the stones.  These
images are from:
Two-Mile-Borris, Tipperary, Ireland - An Iron Age site has been discovered in this small village,
and is a significant new find.  Evidence of a large dome-like central structure, and an ancient irrigation
system, are present on the site.  Additional aspects to the site include cremation sites, graves and
numerous Fulacht Fiadh (cooking pits - see the
Bronze-Age Ireland page for details on this type of
Know o'Skea, Orkney, Scotland - this one site is so robust that it now comprises of 90% of the known Iron
Age finds in all of Scotland.  The oldest part of the site dates back to 200 BC and it was in use until the 7th or
8th century AD.  At this site, adults and children were buried in 2 distinct areas.  Many of the adult bodies
were in the fetal position (possibly bound into place) but some bodies had been taken apart and
incorporated into the walls, etc.  Infants buried appear to have been dropped into vertical holes.
Resources for Laptop Archaeologists - most people have heard about how GIS (geographic Information
systems) has enhanced Archaeology. Some may know the odd stories of previously undiscovered sites
found using Google Earth.  However, did you know that for all of Wessex County in England the government
and historic maps have been put online for public use?  To see for yourself, go to: